Turkish Saksuka Salad: Submitted by: tfalactifry.com | Date Added: 30 Jan 2013 Ingredients:

1 glass tomato juice
1 tomato
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 aubergines (eggplants), diced
2 courgettes (zucchini)
2 medium-sized potatoes
2 yellow peppers
7 fl oz low-fat yoghurt
2 cloves garlic peeled
1 ActiFry spoon olive oil

Cooking Instructions:

For the sauce, mix the ingredients and cook in a skillet for 6 to 7 minutes to reduce

For the Salad:
Dice the potatoes and cook with the olive oil and 2 cloves garlic for 15 minutes
Add the aubergines and courgettes.
Cook for another 10 minutes.
Add the peppers and cook for 10 more minutes
Pour the cooked preparation into a bowl.
Remove the cooked garlic and mix it with the yoghurt.
Pour this mixture over the preparation
Then serve with the tomato sauce that you made previously.
Decorate with chopped parsley.

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