Chicken roast: Submitted by: Ummy | Date Added: 24 Jan 2017 Ingredients:

1 meduim chicken cut into 8 peices

4tbsp yoghurt
1tbsp chicken mix (can use any packet)
1 tbsp ginger blended
1 tbsp garlic blended
1tbsp green chilles blended
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp salt
No oil needed.

Green pepper cut into large cubes
Red onion cut into large wedges

Cooking Instructions:

Wash and drain chicken.
Mix all marinade ingredients together and add chicken
Mix well ensuring chicken is well coated.
Leave chicken over night or for atleast 4 hours.

Add all chicken and marinade into acti fryer for 40 minutes.
Allow to cook when 20 mins left add veg (to the veg i added a little oil, salt, and cajun spices mix well)

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