Golden Brown Tater Tots: Submitted by: Dana Ewashko | Date Added: 24 Feb 2017 Ingredients:

4-6 med red potatoes, depending on # of guests.
1 table spoon of Garlic Plus or equivalent
1 teaspoon of seasoning salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 Actifry spoon oil

Cooking Instructions:

Peel potatoes and cube them into approx 3/4 inch cubes, don't be too fussy here. Rinse cubes twice and dry on a clean dish towel, I bunch the ends of the towel and shake back and forth to dry them. Pour into the actifry. Add 1 spoon of oil and season with spices, Season to your taste. Set timer for 30 min and open a beer or your favorite beverage. Enjoy
PS - times will vary depending on number of potatoes and which Actifry you have, I recently got the XL Express and it is noticeably faster than my older model. Let your eyes tell you when they are done, Golden brown is how i like mine. My adult daughter says they are better than any she has had.

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