Hot and spicy Pork Chop Bites: Submitted by: Graham | Date Added: 8 Apr 2017 Ingredients:

This could be used as a get together with friends and a glass of good red wine or a complete meal by adding vegetables of you choice

Ingredients. One lean pork chop, cut into small bite size bits.Some paprika to taste.Chilli powder.Pork spicing of your choice. Pepper and what ever you wish to spice it up.

Cooking Instructions:

Cut up chop. I find this easy to semi thaw it then cut it in bite size bits. Set this aside. In a small dish add all the spices, then add the pork bits, stir it around a lot until all is coated and let stand in a covered container for a couple of hours.

Add this to the fryer with some oil and let her go for around 15 mins. Check for doneness by cutting into meat portion for redness.

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