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Welcome to our new site Actifry Recipes, also known as AF Recipes.

The original website for this was added in the early 2000s and incorporates two websites at:

as well as two Facebook groups

And finally a Facebook page at

The Tefal Actifry is in today’s terms a ‘healthy deep fat fryer’. With its revolutionary technology, the Tefal Actifry allows you to cook chips, meat, fish, vegetables, chicken nuggets, dippers, and lots more using just one small measure of cooking oil and yet still get that beautiful crisp deep-fried taste.

What we have decided to do here is create a collection of recipes for the Actifry from around the internet, and to encourage people to add their own recipes and experiences. Included are the original recipes from the Tefal Actifry Hand Book.

It would be great to get people to list their own fantastic recipes so that others can give them a try and so everyone can get full value out of their product.

Even though Actifry.net promotes both the product and the use of the product, we are in no way affiliated or related to any part of Tefal or any of its products.

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We have a growing number of healthy recipes for the Tefal Actifry on our site
These recipes are largely submitted by our users.

Please feel free to use them, however, if you do then a link back to where they came from would be in order as a thank you

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<p><a href=”http://www.Actifry.net” target=”_blank”><strong>www.Actifry.net : The best FREE Actifry Recipe Site on the Net</strong></a></p>